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Live, condensed and engaging training for professionals.

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The quickest and most effective way to discover our training programme, our pedagogical approach and the style of our courses is to attend a free live preview session.

In twenty minutes max, we will explain the rationale behind our service offering, its unique benefits, the detailed programme and its expected results. We will of course discuss the best approach corresponding to your needs and special financial conditions for communication agencies or training organisations for example.


You are in charge of communication in your organisation: start-up, SME, large company, government institution, NGO, or communication agency. In our ever-changing digital world, being and staying on the cutting edge is a major challenge that can only be met through further, continuous, and time-consuming training.

However, professionals all have one thing in common: you are short of time.


This is the main reason why Exxeed has developed a dense and fast-paced training programme that covers all aspects of online communication from strategy to storytelling, digital marketing, and operations.

A dozen two-hour sessions are enough to learn all you need to know to get things done, and to speak the same language as your colleagues, clients, or suppliers.

How do we stand out?


Quality over quantity

We deliver live training courses of one to two hours, tailored to our clients’ sectors of activity. This makes us really different from the hundreds of so-so videos you can find on the web, or from academic training that takes months.


Intensive yet fun format

Our courses are intensive rather than extensive. The language we use is crystal clear and simple, and sessions are designed as exciting and engaging stories, making them highly enjoyable and memorable.


Made for managers & teams

Our training courses are aimed at communication managers, but also at collaborators: salespeople, creatives, designers, journalists, or technicians. This group approach creates strong links within the teams, and helps to streamline collaboration, and share the same language.


Hands-on experience

Founded by Philippe Félix, Exxeed relies on twenty-five years of experience in online communication with businesses, governments and institutions. These comprehensive foundations combine classic experience with constant practice in the digital world, to enable our clients to work better, and make well informed decisions.


Professional guidance

The story can go further. Exxeed also provides custom training and solution-oriented workshops to help you or your team(s) solve your most tricky communication problems.

Topics at a glance

Strategy & planification

Communication, content or engagement strategies, these courses allow you to develop sound plans to achieve your objectives. You will also learn what you need to implement and how.

Storytelling & content

Storytelling is how you engage your audience whether on the web or social media. Learning how to tell great stories is what you will discover during these disruptive training sessions.

Technical topics

These “hands-on” sessions will help you to better understand user behaviour and expectations, while standing out in the insane flow of social content, and ranking much higher on Search Engine Results Pages. GDPR is also one of the complex topics addressed.

Events & online performance

Today, teamworking, creating striking presentations, or selling a business idea, are all done through the Internet. Exxeed will help you to create memorable hybrid or virtual events, and become excellent online workers.

How and when do live sessions take place?

Whenever, however you want. As simple as that.


The training sessions take place live and online, on Zoom, Webex or BigBlueButton, according to your habits and/or security requirements. All applications offer excellent features and are available on all devices. 

So, you only need a quiet place: lock your colleagues, partner(s), kids, cats, and dogs away.


To put it simply, our training courses are given whenever you want. We fit in with your busy schedule, not the other way around.

Sessions can either be delivered in English or French.

Our happy clients

Our current clients include a number of European institutions, sectoral organisations, private companies, EU-funded projects, start-ups, and communication agencies.
Portrait Barbara Razdevsek

So far, no one else has been able to deliver all communication strategies, marketing, and SEO essentials as clearly and simply. Philippe’s delivery shows he is an old hand - but still at the cutting edge - in this vast field.

Barbara Razdevšek

Communication manager @ IRNAS

Portrait Tim Heller

We really liked how tailored your presentation was to Eurojust, instead of going the easy route and delivering a standard run-of-the-mill thing. This was noted and much appreciated.

Tim Heller

Team Leader Public Communications @ Eurojust

Portrait Meenackshi Sujun

The trainer performance and tone of voice is similar to that of Sir David Attenborough in BBC documentaries which makes you focus more on the topic being shared than the presenter himself.

Meenackshi Sujun

Digital Product Manager @ GOPA Com.

Portrait Alain Bruyninckx

I knew half of the proposed SEO recommendations, but I had never heard them presented in such an obvious and meaningful way.

Alain Bruyninckx

Owner @ Claris Clinic

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