About Exxeed

Our mission

Today, no company or organisation can escape the necessity of digital transformation.

Our mission is to help companies and institutions master, through effective training, all digital communication techniques, one of the pillars of this transformation.

Exxeed offers a series of live training modules that are crystal-clear, brief and dense. These courses allow any communication professional to get and stay up to date with the issues, working methods, trends and developments in the sector in no time.

We also provide tailor-made training on specific topics or for particular groups on request.

Our roots

Exxeed has been founded by Philippe Félix, who has been working in the field of online communication since 1996, in the early days of the Web.

25 years of international experience are enough to learn almost everything about the communication problems faced by businesses, institutions and organisations in a rapidly and constantly evolving environment.

Philippe is renowned in the digital communication market for four main qualities:

  • his ability to listen and advise in tricky decision-making environments
  • his ability to explain complicated things with simple words
  • his solution-oriented approach and finally
  • his taste for a good Belgian beer when the job is done

Our commitment

Our commitment is to provide you with top-notch, no-nonsense, and entertaining e-learning courses, which will facilitate your communication tasks through effectiveness and fun.

“If we can understand your problem, no matter how complex, we can explain it in simple words.”

Philippe Félix

Founder and Lead Trainer @ Exxeed

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